What is a furry fetish

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Tail Butt Plugs - September 05, Furries is a term many people will have heard of. This is compounded further by petplayas many people think they are basically the same. A furry is someone who strongly identifies as a particular animal. In general, these animals will be anthropomorphised, retaining human characteristics alongside their animal ones.

Being a furry is still a kind of animal roleplaybut compared to things like petplay it is actually quite a tame and reserved form of roleplay. Ultimately, it tends to be down to the individual themselves if they choose to identify as a furry. The vast majority of furry roleplay will be completely separate from petplay, and usually have no sexual influence whatsoever.

Some furries will roleplay in real life, while others will keep their interactions entirely online.

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The fursona is a personality that the furry adopts, and is meant to be a reflection of their own personality. This is why furries will generally roleplay as an anthropomorphised animal such as a fox or tiger. To some, furries are viewed as cartoonised versions of the chosen animal. Those who keep their interactions online are much more likely to be sexual with it.

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There are many, many message boards out there, and a lot of them contain erotica, art, and general fiction of a sexual nature. Furries who roleplay in the real world though tend to do it for a much more innocent reason. They will dress up, wearing ears, tailsor even full body fur suits reflecting their animal and fursona. There are even events across the world for these people to simply gather and share in the joy they take from being furry. While indulging in your fursona doesn't have to be a sexual endeavour, a lot of people like to combine their furriness with their sexual pleasure.

And who can blame them? With a massive selection of butt plugs featuring fox tailscat tailswolf tails, raccoon tails and even bunny tails, there's always something out there to match your fursona!

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Ultimately, being a furry is more like a hobby than a way of life. You can dress any way you choose and furries choose to dress like animals. We simply love tail plugs here at Loveplugs. This is a branch of transformation fetishes, which is often referred to as TFing or TeeFing. The animal transformatio Kitten play is probably the most recognisable of the different forms of petplay. Even from a young age, people are always keen to dress up as cats, particularly at Halloween. Kitten play takes it Some people see it as an escape from reality.

For pet players though, enjoyment can be drawn from almost At first you might dismiss them One of the most popular forms of petplay is Fox play.

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Foxes generally Clothes form a huge part of our adult lives, impacting our work, personal life, relationships, exercise, and many more. After all, yo Roleplay is great way to spice up any relationship by bringing a new dynamic to the bedroom. For so Please note, comments must be approved before they are published.

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What is a furry fetish

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Inside the weird world of the ‘furry’ fetish… where people don full animal bodysuits before getting VERY frisky